Where to share my art?

First Published: Sun Apr 21 2024
Last Updated: Sun Apr 21 2024

So after a comment by someone over on Mastodon I had another look at my Flickr account.

I really haven't done much with it since I downgraded it from a Pro account to a free one a couple of years back, so I thought I would clean it up a little, add some more photos etc.

While I was looking at it I had this question going through the back of my head.

Where actually do I want to display my photo work?

I love taking photos, whether it's photos of my daughters netball games (the action is great and I know the team loves going through them post match) bird and nature photos or something more complex. I have literally tens of thousands of photos and I want to take the best of them and share them and I guess become a bit more "serious" about the art that I create (note the next person who compares AI image generation to Photography is going to get an earful).

So I mainly share my pictures on Pixelfed and Instagram, and I've attempted to build a Gallery system on this site (it still needs a lot of work), plus I also have the aforementioned Flickr account. So am I doing it right?

I would love to hear about others experiences in this, how do you manage your photos? How do you decide what part of your art to share? Where do you share it?