Tech and Disability News from Around the Globe - 2024-02-11

First Published: Sun Feb 11 2024
Last Updated: Sun Feb 11 2024

Robots, Launchers and Flying high for this update.

I've always wanted to learn how to fly (I blew an awesome opportunity when I was younger and if I could I'd still be kicking myself) so seeing that there are groups who can assist people with disabilities to get their feet off the ground is very cool.

Remarkable Launcher 2024 Cohort has been announced

Remarkable is a "startup venture arm of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance". It runs multiple programs aimed at assisting new and existing startups working in the Tech and Disability Space. 

This years Cohort features startups working in everything from navigation apps for the vision impaired, to communication assistants for people who have suffered strokes and much much more.

At the end of the Launcher there will be two Customer Showcase events.


This one's pretty close to my heart. Aerobility is a UK based charity that has a focus on giving people with disabilities access to the tools required to learn how to fly.

I've been pondering this for myself and will write up a post about it, not sure if there is a similar organisation in Australia, will keep digging.

University of Glasgow develops Robot Guide Dog

Well I suppose it was inevitable and on the one hand it's nice to see a use for the Robot Dog like systems that isn't some sort dystopic field combat system, on the other, I don't think we're quite ready for the Guide Dog to disappear.

There's a whole discussion about how Robots are going to help or hinder people with disabilities. I wonder if we're having the right ones?

Cadets look to patent gaze-assisted wheelchair technology

A project to develop a new user interface that will allow people with very limited mobility to control their mobility devices with a twitch of an eyebrow is nearing completion at the US Air Force Academy.

It looks very cool and is part of a long history of involvement in assistive technology development by the US military.