Tech and Disability News from Around the Globe - 2024-02-04

First Published: Sun Feb 04 2024
Last Updated: Sun Feb 04 2024

Welcome to the third instalment of the Tech and Disability News from Around the Globe blog thingy.

I'm still on the look out for more feeds and places to get stories, so please let me know.

Neuralink starts human trials

It's been an interesting week, with the news that Elon Musks' Neuralink has started human trials. In this post I explore some of my feelings about it and highlight some of the work that others are already doing in this space.

Lagooni Traveller Commode and Shower Chair Review

Over at Have Wheelchair Will Travel they have a review of the Lagooni Traveller Commode and Shower Chair. 

I'm loving the fact that it disassembles down into a flat pack. Makes it a lot easier to pack for going away.

Meet the Zeen, a cross between a wheelchair and a walking aid

Built for people who can walk somewhat but need that security that having a seat close at hand can bring. Pricey at $6200 USD though.

New See Me App helps the Vision Impaired catch the bus

The See Me app has been built on the experiences of Vision Impaired software developer Cassie Hames who has struggled with a public transport system built for the sighted.

Now being trialled in Adelaide, South Australia and Port Macquarie, New South Wales. The app works with real time data and the bus network to identify when a passenger is waiting or when a stop is coming up so the user can notify the driver they want to get off.

I’m a Disabled Teen. My Wheelchair Needs to Grow with Me as I Roll Toward Independence

A piece by teenage Disability Rights Advocate Anja Hermann about the need for her technology to keep up with her changing needs as she lives her life.