Belated 10 year anniversary for PETW

First Published: Sun Jan 22 2023
Last Updated: Sun Jan 22 2023

So I just noticed that last year marked the 10th anniversary of my first non linux based podcast Purser Explores The World.

Purser Explores The World was a semi regular podcast that I did from 2012 until 2015. The format was pretty simple, find a topic that I wanted to know more about and then talk to people who were involved and record the conversations, edit out as many umms and ahhs as I possibly could and then post the results.

I enjoyed making each episode, and talking to people who's passions ranged from Urban Bee Keeping to the Australian Space community. I had chats about Communicating Science and Mighty Maggots that have led to friendships that last until today.

Anyway that's it for the moment. Just a personal anniversary, something that I did that I actually kind of proud of.