Dr Alice Gorman is a woman on a mission to change the way we look at the past and the future of human space endeavour.

Starting from her family farm in NSW Australia, Dr Goreman persued her passion for archeology into University and then into the field as a consultant. From there she's turned her eyes from the digs on earth, to the history in the stars.

In this episode we look at her journey towards becoming one of the worlds first Space Archeologists.

Episode Notes:

You can find Dr Gormans book - Dr Space Junk vs The Universe here:


The UN Program mentioned in the episode is here:


Dr Carmel O'Brien works with stem cells and bio-materials for Monash and the CSIRO. However her journey to this point has taken her from the path lab, to working with the first Australian line of embryonic stem cells.

And Women In STEMM is back.

Dr Manreena Kaur is a researcher in the field of Brain Stimulation. Having cut her teeth as it were in youth mental illness, she has a passion for developing new treatments to deal with serious conditions, such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Dr Plaganyi has two burning interests, maths and the natural world.  So she combined them both into a career that has taken her from South Africa to Australia, from the Antarctic to the Torres Straits.

It's also allowed her to get close to some of the magnificent animals in the world.

For many involved in STEMM fields, heading overseas to gain experience from centres of excellence, to work, or to just find something different has become part of their STEMM journeys. For this episode I thought I would catch up with someone who's currently taking that step and seems to be doing pretty well at it.

Dr Natalie Matosin is Post Doctoral Fellow at the Max Planc institute of Psychiatry in Munich, and a Forbes Top 30 under 30 entrant. No pressure.

Women In STEMM