Where to for Tech and Disability

First Published: Sun Jul 03 2022
Last Updated: Sun Jul 03 2022

So as you may have noticed, I fell off the tech and disability blogging thing pretty quickly. Which is both bad and completely within character for me.

So, sorry about that.

Now that I've kind of got things under control with the site again (though there will be more changes of course) I do want to get back into it, both the blogging and the plans I had for other multi-media work (video, audio etc).

The issues still remain, galloping tech innovation can both be boon and a bane to People With Disabilities (sometimes both at the same time). I want to talk about the issues and have a look at what People With Disabilities are doing themselves in this space, both in terms of activism as well as driving the innovation that happens.

I won't promise that I'll be super regular when it comes to posting, but I will try and do better this time :)

Oh and one more thing. I've added an RSS Feed for Tech And Disabilities articles. That's right we're going to party like it's 2009!

You can find the feed here: