RSS updates and Flight Simming

First Published: Sat Jan 07 2023
Last Updated: Sat Jan 07 2023

RSS Updates

So this site has at current count, about 4 different RSS feeds running/available for consumption.

There's the RSS feed for all blog posts/articles posted to Angry Beanie:

Then there's the RSS feed for the Tech and Disability posts, which I setup to keep a clean feed for people who don't want this sort of thing showing up:

And of course we have the podcast RSS feeds, more for historical reasons but they're there:

I'm still trying to work out what I'm going to be doing with my photography and this site, but one of the things I'm pondering is an Image of the Day/Week type RSS feed as well.

Flight Simming

I love flying. I love the sensation of being in the air. Even if it means being trapped in economy for 14 hours I still can't hate the experience BECAUSE I'm flying. I've never gone for my pilots license (though there was a period when I should have, but that was an “Interesting” time in my life) and looking at the cost now AND the fact that I'm an incomplete paraplegic, I tend to look to solutions closer to home.

So, thanks to a gift from my sister and an upgraded PC, I've started getting into flight simming. It's not quite the actual sensation of flying (that feeling when you first leave the ground or when you start a turn and feel yourself move) but it's a pretty good approximation.

I've downloaded MS Flight Sim and I have X-Plane 11 (the graphics on the newest MS Flight Sim are by far and away the better) and I'm looking at how close I can make it to the real thing, so that I can pretend that I'm learning at least the procedures as realistically as possible.

I'll probably post a bit more about it, and might even stream some of the flying that I'm doing just for shits and giggles.