WTF Australia

Every week, Matthew Hatton and James Purser, along with guests, have a look back at the week of news and events in Australia and ask "WTF Australia?"

Whether it's politics, sports, science or media, we'll have a look at what happened and try to workout exactly what the hell is going on.

So join Matthew and James at 9:30pm AEST as we hangout and ask "WTF Australia?"

After an unintended break James and Bernie are back with more derp per square meter.

We're back after a week off. This week we bring you Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd, Clive vs Bob, strychnine and dramas in a drama class.

Australia never fails to deliver the derp. This week we talk about Warrick Cappers political and coffee related ambitions, a bad batch of ecstacy in Adelaide, another go at beating up on unemployed youth and oral sex on the train in Perth.

What a week we've had. Scott "Admiral" Morrison wants the immigration department to have its own navy, the Queensland LNP thinks it's just like Nelson Mandella and we look at a couple of stupid driver tricks.

This week we have more cricket (though after the last effort, we decided against declaring Australian cricket dead), we ask why and Fairfax are trying to become Mashable or Buzzfeed and of course we discuss the Returbull.

WTF Australia

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