WTF Australia

Every week, Matthew Hatton and James Purser, along with guests, have a look back at the week of news and events in Australia and ask "WTF Australia?"

Whether it's politics, sports, science or media, we'll have a look at what happened and try to workout exactly what the hell is going on.

So join Matthew and James at 9:30pm AEST as we hangout and ask "WTF Australia?"

After last weeks gremlins, we return to talk about how WA seems to have lost 1300 votes, Queensland is disappearing further up it's own Daintree and Bernie has many feelings about a certain social media expert guru/

Emergencies and disasters bring out the best and the worst in people. It can also bring out the stupid. Bernie and James explore some of the sillier events of the past week as well as discussing the derp that the fire emergency in NSW has brought out.

Well we made it two episodes in a row, that has to be some sort of record.

James leads of this episode of WTF Australia with a rant about Chiropractors, Bernie gives us the latest on the Clive Report and we have what could be the start of a continuing series: Dramatic Readings of News Articles by Bernie 

We're back after a couple of weeks off due to lurgy. The election has been and gone, we have Prime minister Tones and Clive is inching towards that parliamentary privilege we're all hoping for. 

WTF Australia

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