WTF Australia

Every week, Matthew Hatton and James Purser, along with guests, have a look back at the week of news and events in Australia and ask "WTF Australia?"

Whether it's politics, sports, science or media, we'll have a look at what happened and try to workout exactly what the hell is going on.

So join Matthew and James at 9:30pm AEST as we hangout and ask "WTF Australia?"

We're back after a summer of frolicking and relaxing in the sun and surf. This week we have a look at the competition between the eastern states for the stupidest piece of legislation, briefly contemplate an OA for our work with Australian Cricket and ponder, will Schapelle ever be free?

This episode is a bit special as Bernie brings us his dramatic reading of a slightly dodgy transcript of Clive Palmers maiden speach to Parliament.

After a week off for something called Real Life, James and Bernie return to pick over some of the brighter wtf moments of the past couple of weeks.

It never rains but pours. The last week has been a veritable flood of wtf moments, so much so that we couldn't get through our run down.

This week we have our first guest. Tech journo Richard Chirgwin joins us to discuss an article by the "Tiger Of Happiness" on why we should spend the NBN money on compression technology instead.

WTF Australia

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