Worm bots, printed circuits, clones from poo, and why is fog cloudy?

Episode 8 of For Science! has us on a bit of a life sciences bent (with a foray into robotics and electronics)

First up we discuss the news of a child in the US who appears to have been functionally cured of HIV

Then we have a look at the work being done by engineers at MIT to develop robotic locomotion with a difference (and there is a video you really should watch

Completing our look at things technical we talk about the latest in circuits that can be printed directly onto skin. (Note, if you don't know what Goatse is, DO NOT LOOK IT UP).

After that we have a look at Lake Vostok and whether the new bacteria could be something new, or just something we haven't noticed, and and we talk about the mounting evidence for ancient environments conducive to life on Mars.

Finally we talk about synthetic lifecloning from poo and a project that involved introducing human brain cells to mice that produced interesting results

For Science!

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