Russian Meteors, Science Awards and Upulie talks Real Scientists

For our second episode of 2013 we were sans Maia, however we did manage to cover some interesting stuff.

First up of course we had the amazing meteor over the Ural mountains in Russia. What has to be THE most video event of its kind certainly brought home to many of us that the Solar system may not be the empty void that we imagine.

NASA Page for the Ural Meteor:

Next we had a look at a couple of different sets of Science Awards. The first lot are those run by the Australian Acadamy of Science, the second are something new created by those kings of the tech world Mark Zuckerburg and Sergey Brin.

AAS Awards:

Breakthrough Prize for Life Sciences:

Finally we caught up with Upulie Divesekera about her new project "Real Scientists", a rotational twitter account that will be populated by Real Scientists describing their work, what their days are like and the cool things they get to do.

Twitter account:


For Science!

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