Episode 28 - Octomum devotion

It's National Science Week, so we thought we'd bring out another episode, because there is no such thing as too much science.

This episode we talk Ebola. What's happening, why is the media so bad with stuff like this and we ponder why Homeopaths without Borders isn't mucking in.

We also have a look at two stories that look at different aspects of diabetes, true motherly devotion from a cephelopod, sleeping in space and crayfish who can regrow brain cells from their blood.

New method of encasing insulin producing cells might solve rejection issue

Diabetes as a survival tactic

Octopus Mum spends 4 and half years tending her eggs

Getting to sleep in microgravity isn’t as easy as you might think

Crayfish can regenerate nueral cells from their blood

For Science!

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