Asteroids, Maia in New Zealand, Sharks and Awesome Teenage Scientists

Here it is, the first episode for 2013.

I have to admit we did have to shake out a few cobwebs but I think we did alright. We cover a whole range of different topics from shark fetuses that can detect predators outside of their eggs to an awesome 16 year old from Hobart who built her own system for voice controlling a wheel chair.

We also talk about Maia's recent trip to New Zealand for the NZ Open Research Conference, and because we're talking Open Research we touch on the tragic case of Aaron Schwartz.

Show Notes:


Heavens Above: excellent site for tracking various sky things. Will be able to tell you if you can see the Asteroid

NASA Asteroid Page

Maia in New Zealand:


NZ Open Research Conference 2013


Sharks babies sense predators:

UWA Oceans Institute

Yaya Lu:

Voice activated wheelchair Page

For Science!

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