These are projects I've done in the past. In them you'll find humour, information and hopefully, something to entertain you.
  • For Science!

    For Science!

  • WTF Australia

    Every week, Matthew Hatton and James Purser, along with guests, have a look back at the week of news and events in Australia and ask "WTF Australia?"

    Whether it's politics, sports, science or media, we'll have a look at what happened and try to workout exactly what the hell is going on.

    So join Matthew and James at 9:30pm AEST as we hangout and ask "WTF Australia?"

  • LA Update

    My very first podcast. Kicked it off as a way to help keep the Australian Linux community informed

  • LUG Roundup

    A spin off from the LA Update and managed and recorded by my wife, Karin,

    Spoke to the different community groups around the country, gave them up a chance to promote themselves and find out what other LUGS were doing.

  • Open Source On The Air

    The next version of the LA Update. Where the Update was very australian focused, OSOTA tried to get more of an international flavour going.