Getting a grip

First Published: Sun May 21 2023
Last Updated: Sun May 21 2023

Still trying to get my head into the right space to actually make something.

I know this probably sounds like whinging at this point but I'm stuck and need to get myself out of this rut.

On the plus side I have been actually taking some photos. Youngest daughter has started again with Netball which means that I can pretend to be a sports photographer, snapping all the amazing athleticism on display. I usually come home with between 300 and 600 shots per game (depending on if I'm using the high speed auto shutter or not) and can find around about 100 to go up to the folder to share with the team.

So far they like what I'm doing so I'm pretty happy about that.

Sigh, perhaps next weekend I'll actually do something on my list. I might talk to Awesome wife about it.