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Opening up some new avenues

If you follow me on twitter you might have noticed that I've started tweeting about my Redbubble Page

I've started offering some of my photography through that page and I'm looking at other ways to monetise what I do.

The reason for this is that, well, basically I want to learn how to drive again, and in order to that, we're going to need to a) Fix up our van and b) get it modified so I can drive it using hand controls.

We've already started on A. The van needs a new transmission, new cv joints, new breaks and work on the electrics. We're looking at between 6 and 8 grand for that. We did look at possibly getting a more recent second hand van, but honestly we just can't take the financial load for that.

For B we're in the process of getting quotes for getting the hand controls added to the van. Unfortunately, because the van is 2011 model and the NDIS will really only fund mods to vehicles less than 3 years old, we're going to have fund that ourselves.

I'm trying to think of other things I can do with my photoghraphy, so if you have any ideas, then please let me know.

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