WTF Australia

Every week, Matthew Hatton and James Purser, along with guests, have a look back at the week of news and events in Australia and ask "WTF Australia?"

Whether it's politics, sports, science or media, we'll have a look at what happened and try to workout exactly what the hell is going on.

So join Matthew and James at 9:30pm AEST as we hangout and ask "WTF Australia?"

Latest Episodes

Well we're back in what can only be described as a rambling attempt to look at the news of the last couple of weeks.

Things we talk about:

  • Knights and Dames
  • Clive "Mahatma" Palmer
  • Bored Cricket Players
  • Why its not a good idea to pretend to rob someone
  • Buffalo in Newtown

Also here's the story I mentioned in the video that features the awesome photo of the WA Senate candidate who lives in the Blue Mountains.

Tonights episode was the very model of organisation and preparation.
Yeah sorry no.
Anyway, this week James and Bernie talk cheese eating surrender monkeys, how the hell does Alan Joyce still have a job and Atheist Churches.
Note: it appears we had a bit of an internet issue which caused James's audio to go all wrong, sorry.

This week brings us biblical victim blaming, Cabinet papers, Craig Emmerson vs twitter and our first Arsewomble of the week.

We also have a shoutout to our first Patreon patron at the end of the episode.

The only acronym to describe the events of the past week is WTF.
Asylum seekers attacked on Manus Island, Neknominate, Tony Burke tries Buzzfeed, Scott Morrison is a complete Scott Morrison and the ABC tracks down Abdul the Kebab Maker.
Note: Sorry about the audio, not sure what happened there.

After week off for Bernie to go watch the Vrooms at the Bathurst 12 Hour, we'll be back to find out whether Australia has found peak derp yet (ha, no such animal).

Also, we break with tradition by including our first international WTF, and by including a nice story :)