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Dr Nguyen is the Lab Manager fo the Monash Centre for Atomically Thin Materials. Her science journey coincided with her journey into another country and a very different culture to what she was used to.

Dr Heather Bray holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Sydney however her career path has taken her away from direct agricultural research into the humanities.

She still has a deep interest in the science of agriculture, but she's approaching it from a different place, looking at how society and the sciences view each other.

In our chat we talk about the pressures of being a scientist and a mother, the differing approached overseas, and the importance of keeping the humanity in science.

Dr Eva Cheng is a Lecturer at RMIT where she also delves into the world of multimedia frequencies. She's also a supporter of Engineers Without Borders and a study of humans and how they interact with science

Dr Katie Mack is an astrophysicist with a deep interest in the early universe and dark matter.

We chat about how she got involved in her field, some of the challenges she's faced and her current projects.

Also, exactly what is an Academic Nomad?


Pint in the sky: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL83nv8UNFC0ovxN2KyKVBtgANAS7QSVYf

Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stawell_Underground_Physics_Laboratory

For the first episode of Women In STEMM, I thought I'd start off with someone you might be familiar with if you've listened to For Science! at all.

Dr Melanie Thomsons is a gastro microbiologist, a pioneer in crowd funding research, a science provocatuer and now, the General Manager of Education, Skills and Events at MTP Connect.

You can find her Women In STEMM profile here: