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Dr Plaganyi has two burning interests, maths and the natural world.  So she combined them both into a career that has taken her from South Africa to Australia, from the Antarctic to the Torres Straits.

It's also allowed to get close to some of the magnificent animals in the world.

For many involved in STEMM fields, heading overseas to gain experience from centres of excellence, to work, or to just find something different has become part of their STEMM journeys. For this episode I thought I would catch up with someone who's currently taking that step and seems to be doing pretty well at it.
Dr Natalie Matosin is Post Doctoral Fellow at the Max Planc institute of Psychiatry in Munich, and a Forbes Top 30 under 30 entrant. No pressure.

Dr Fox has not always been a midwife, in fact for a long time, she was part of a very different scene, performing with the Melbourne Orchestra as a Concert Violinist.

However when she felt the need for a new challenge, she turned to her passion for mid wifery. Her work in the field has taken her from Melbourne to Singapore, where she was involved in ground breaking work to establish SIngapores first "Caseload Model of Mid WIfery Care."

Dr McArthur is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and the director of the Swinburn Innovation Precinct, an incubator setup by Swinburn university to bring together Researchers, Industry, Mentors and others.

Sally is a good example of someone who while having a passion for science, didn't really discover her focus until she hit university.


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Dr Evans is the CEO of BioMelbourne, has worked on helping to cure Malaria and appears quite often on Einstein A Go Go on 3RRR. In this episode we find out what attracted her to her field and some of the more interesting parts of her career to date.