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Just as 3D printing is changing the way we look at manufacturing, it's changing the way medicine approaches different problems.

In this episode I talk to Scott Summit from Bespoke Innovations about the work his company does  with artificial limbs and I have a look at some of the other ways that 3D Printing is changing the way the medical world turns.

Over the past five years, activism, like everything else in our lives has been changed by the rise of the Hacker/Maker culture. I have a look at two examples of those who build and use new tools to achieve what they couldn't do only a few years before.

Asher Wolf is a curator and digital journalist who is using tools such as social media, video sharing sites and the like to enable her to build a narrative out of the rush of raw information.

Boycott SOPA is an Android App put together in under a weekend, demonstrating the rapid development that activists can now take advantage of.

Australia is famous for its sporting prowess. Everyone knows that when it comes to sports such as Cricket, Rugby (of either variety) and Swimming, Australia is up there with the best in the world.

However what people may not be aware of is that Australia, the land of Sun and Surf is home to a thriving and competitive Ice Hockey community.

I'm going to take you into the world of the Australian Womens Ice Hockey competition and we're going to find out what it takes to be a player on a team that can challenge European nations.

In this episode we take the spirit of DIY and see how it's being applied to disaster management.

First up we chat with Pieter Franken from safecast.org about the work they are doing building and operating a crowd sourced radiation monitoring system in Japan, then we sit down with Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen and talk about the Serval Project, a project that could turn your mobile phone into an essential part of a post disaster communications network.

Well I made it to episode 2, this in itself is a victory :)

Anyhoo, this episode I'm talking to people who take the concept of DIY out of the house an into the big wide world.

First up I chat with Paul Wayper, a Canberra based maker who's working on building his own electric motorcycle.

Then I move slightly elsewhere in Canberra to talk to Stephen Dade from the Canberra UAV club, a group of people working on building their own Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to compete in the Outback UAV Challenge.