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With all of the kerfuffle going on in the world of Big Media, I though I would catch up with a couple of people who are working hard in Small Media.

Jane Gilmore of the kingstribune and Jeremy Sear from somthingwonky both tell me why they do what they do (hint, it's not for the money)

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Well, the show has finally made it to episode 10 and to celebrate we're going to do another Super Do It Yourself episode.

This time round we're going to catch up with Stephen Dade from the CanberraUAV team and see how they went in the Outback Challenge they were preparing for when we last spoke.

We're also going to chat with Mark Pesce about MooresCloud, an internet of things lamp that runs a lamp stack.

I'm a tinkerer in the garden. I have my own little veggie patch and I enjoy getting my hands dirty.

For this episode of Purser Explores The World, I'm talking with two people who have taken the idea of Urban Agriculture to the next level.

Doug at www.theurbanbeehive.com.au runs a number of productive hives right in the middle of Sydney, while Tim and the Canal Users of Hackney Group are building floating allotments in the middle of London.

It's National Science Week in Australia so I thought I would have a chat with some communicators of science.

Upulie Divisekera, Magdeline Lum and Maia Sauren join me to discuss why they are passionate about science comms, what got them involved, ice cream, harry potter and Sir David Attenborough.

Some people are installing solar hot water heaters, others are powering their houses from renewables, some though are going further and creating whole communities powered in part or full by renewable energy.

In this episode I chat with Anya Schoolman from the Mt Pleasant Solar Coop and Community Power Network.

I also briefly touch on the Hepburn Wind Project in Victoria.