Science Story of the Day: A Storm and a Worm

Well strictly it's not a worm, but a larvae (and no, not the larvae we spoke about in Ep 9 of For Science!).

Todays Science Story of the Day is features both the awesome and what many people might consider the grotesque.

First up the awesome.

Casini returns new photos of Saturn

The Casini probe has been orbiting Saturn and its moons since 2004, returning more and more information about the ringed giant and providing us with up close images of the third biggest body in our solar system.

Last week NASA released more images taken by Casini, including the first images of meteorites striking the rings:

They also released the image below of a storm near the north pole:

They're not sure how long the storm has been going for, the area has only just come out onto the day side of the planet. What they do know is that the eye of the storm is some 2000 kilometers across (twice the distance between Sydney and Melbourne).

Mighty Maggots bring the fight against flesh eating bugs

Now for the slightly grotesque story.

Now I'm not a huge fan of maggots myself. There is just something about them which seems to trigger that feeling of creeping nausea. However it's long been known that they are nothing short of amazing when it comes to treating wounds that have gone bad.

Dr Melanie Thomson and Dr Michelle Harvey have started a new research project to examine how well maggots can be used as an alternative to the surgeons knife in treating skin ulcers caused by the bacteria m.ulcerans.

They've also setup a Facebook page and a twitter account for both the maggots and the bacteria to help people outside the project track how things are going.

Gross and yet fascinating at the same time no?


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