Purser Explores The World WIPs

Just so you know something is happening for Purser Explores The World here's a list of topics I'm looking at covering:
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Cybernetics
  • The Restoration of Passion (or why people like rebuilding old things)
  • Australia in Space (another look at the topic that launched the cast)
Let me know if there are other topics you think I should cover.

The search begins

In the last post I had to bring the sad news that Maia is going to be leaving For Science! to go on to more awesomer things. We will of course miss her and she will be welcome back anytime she likes.

However, this means that For Science! is now down a host. I like the format that we have and I would like to continue the two science people and me formula.

I has the sads

It's been a while since I blogged anything over here and I wish I wasn't blogging this particular piece of news.

For Science! has always been about two actual science people and me breaking down the science news and trying to bring it closer to  the "Real World" than your average paper or university press release might other wise achieve.

Science Story of the Day: A Storm and a Worm

Well strictly it's not a worm, but a larvae (and no, not the larvae we spoke about in Ep 9 of For Science!).

Todays Science Story of the Day is features both the awesome and what many people might consider the grotesque.

First up the awesome.

Casini returns new photos of Saturn

The Casini probe has been orbiting Saturn and its moons since 2004, returning more and more information about the ringed giant and providing us with up close images of the third biggest body in our solar system.


Science Story of the Day: Bringing the feels to artificial limbs

The future, it just keeps happening really.

Imagine if you will, that you have been in a horrific accident. You have had to have a limb removed, say your arm. The realm of prosthetics has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Work is being done on limbs that can tie directly into the patients nervous system, 3d printing is being used to mould custom facings and powered limbs are sensitive enough now to allow people to use them to pick up delicate objects with confidence.


Science Story of the Day: Bacteria is there anything they can't do?

Todays science story of the day is actually two stories about the power of the humble bacterium

Bacteria makes diesel

A team of British researchers has taken the humble E.Coli bacteria (strains of which we all carry around inside us) and spliced in dna from a number of sources to create a new strain that converts sugars and yeast extract into a diesel analog that is structurally the same as that which comes out of the pump.


A quick update

So, you may have noticed a certain lack of activity over the past few weeks here at Angry Beanie.

Well as it happens I started a new full time job about a month ago and as these things tend to do, it sucked away a lot of the time I had to put together the shows and keep the site up to date.

Science story of the day: White dwarfs and the search for habital exo-planets

Finding planets outside of our solar system has become a regular occurrence. They’ve been found orbiting pulsars, multiple star systems (binary, trinary and even quaternery), red dwarfs, giants and white dwarfs.

However one of the more difficult parts of finding exo-planets has been determining the composition of their atmospheres (or if they have any at all).



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