Sigh, don't you love it when you make plans?

So at the beginning of this year during a couple of weeks that I had off I put together some plans for how I was going to approach Angry Beanie projects, there were plans for continuing For Science, resurrecting WTF Australia and finally getting some more episodes of Purser Explores The World out.

And then reality hit.

For Science! Will Return in two or three weeks

So some of you have been asking when For Science! would be returning to the digital airwaves.

Well I can happily say the we'll be returning with episode 30 of For Science in two or three weeks (just working out the timing).

I'm also happy to introduce a new segment for the show. I'm still working on a name for it, but it will involve talking to a different scientist about their week each episode. It will range from PhD students through to well established names. If you know of anyone working on something interesting let me know.


Precious Petals

Ian Macfarlane, the industry minister, has hit out at the “precious petals in the science industry” who criticise the government over Australia’s lack of a science minister.

Macfarlane, who oversees a large portfolio that includes energy, skills and science, said he is irked by criticism of Tony Abbott’s decision to not appoint a dedicated science minister.

Angry Beanie Radio Week 2 - Purser Explores The World

Week 2 of Angry Beanie Radio continues with episode 3 of Purser Explores The World - Crowdsourcing the disaster

In this episode I was able to speak to Pieter Frankin of the safecast organisation about the work they were doing in crowd sourcing radiation levels in Tokyo after the Fukishima disaster, and I spoke with Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen about the Serval ad-hoc mobile network project.

It kicks off at 12:30 right here:

Angry Beanie Radio - Week 2

Well we're heading into week 2 of the Angry Beanie Radio experiment. The first week was a technical success. The shows were cued up and played at exactly the right point. They even managed to survive sharing a pipe with my 16 year old son who was home sick from school.

The next step now is to get more people to listen :)

Tomorrows episode of WTF Australia is Episode 3 - What even are colours? Where we harken back to a day when Kevin Rudd was still a thing, Joe Hockey pondered letting Kev drown, and we wondered why One Direction wasn't following Kevin on Instagram

Angry Beanie Radio

So I'm going to be conducting a bit of an experiment.

If you've been following along, you might be aware that I've been playing around with the idea of Angry Beanie Radio for a while now. Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet and try something, either live or hastily scheduled replays of older episodes of AB shows.

Well, the bee is back and I've decided to be a bit better organised about things.

Why I started For Science

There are a couple of things that inspired me to start For Science!.

The first was talking to three awesome Science Communicators for an episode of Purser Explores The World. The enthusiasm and passion that Upulie Divisekera, Magdalene Lum and Maia Sauren had for their fields and their work really did start the idea smouldering.

Secondly,  I like to talk science

New Facebook pages for shows

Hi all, only two days to go until the return of WTF Australia to the intertoobs, I hope everyones ready.

We've also made some changes to the way we do the facebook thing for Angrybeanie shows. Whereas before everything was run from the single facebook page, this year we're going to be running a FB page for each show. So if you're on the Bookface and you're a fan of just one show or another, now you'll get just the stuff you want rather than having to wade through other show information.

We'll still be running the AB main Facebook page as well.


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