Getting Angry Beanie Content

So, you've listened to one of our shows and would like to be updated when a new episode is released?


It's actually quite easy, doubly so if you're using iTunes or Stitcher.


All of our shows are available via the iTunes store. To find the show you want to keep track of, follow these steps:

  • Open up iTunes
  • Select the iTunes Store
  • Once you've been taken to the store, select Podcasts from the top bar.

  • Then put the name of the Show into the search field:

  • This should bring to the show. To suscribe to the show simply click on the Subscribe button.

If you find that the show doesn't appear in the list, simply do a search for Angry Beanie to get a full list of Angry Beanie shows on iTunes.


We recently added Angry Beanie to the Stitcher library.

To find the shows in your Stitcher app do the following:

  • Tap the magnifying glass. This will open up a field.
  • Put the name of the show you're looking for into that field
  • Simply tap on the show you want to track and Stitcher will create a custom station for you.

Other Podcast Catchers

of course, iTunes and Stitcher are but two of hundreds, if not thousands of podcast catchers available to our listeners. To start tracking the show on any of those other packagesdo the following:

  • On each show page we list all of the feeds available for that show, simply right click(if you're on Windows or Linux) or Ctrl-Mouse click on OSX on the feed link and select Copy link location. Long press usually works on smart phones.
  • Go to your podcasting application and create a new feed using the URL you copied in the first step.

You're done.