Science Story of the Day: A Storm and a Worm

Well strictly it's not a worm, but a larvae (and no, not the larvae we spoke about in Ep 9 of For Science!).

Todays Science Story of the Day is features both the awesome and what many people might consider the grotesque.

First up the awesome.

Casini returns new photos of Saturn

The Casini probe has been orbiting Saturn and its moons since 2004, returning more and more information about the ringed giant and providing us with up close images of the third biggest body in our solar system.


Science story of the day: White dwarfs and the search for habital exo-planets

Finding planets outside of our solar system has become a regular occurrence. They’ve been found orbiting pulsars, multiple star systems (binary, trinary and even quaternery), red dwarfs, giants and white dwarfs.

However one of the more difficult parts of finding exo-planets has been determining the composition of their atmospheres (or if they have any at all).


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