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Angry Beanie - 2013

Wow, here we are, the first day in 2013 and Angry Beanie is still here, and I think I can say, going stronger than ever.

Purser Explores The World

The first half of the year was admittedly slow going. I was only averaging maybe an episode of Purser Explores The World a month, sometimes less than that. However things started to pickup in the last half, and I was able to keep as close to the original fortnightly schedule as possible (with a couple of exceptions).

Discovery Friday

Announcing a slight change to the way that Purser Explores The World is going to be released from now on.

Instead of being streamed and released to the RSS feeds on a Monday, I've decided that I'm going to create something called Discovery Friday on Angry Beanie Radio.

What is Discovery Friday I hear you ask?

For Science!

Next week is going to see the return of Purser Explores The World to a regular schedule (if I have to shed blood to make it happen, I will).

It also going to see the second Angry Beanie podcast launched.

For Science! is a fortnightly podcast featuring not just me, but also awesome science type people Doctor Maia Sauren and chemist and metallurgist Magdeline Lum. We’re going to get together and go through the science news of the past fortnight, not only highlighting some of the really interesting bits, but trying to relate them to the “real world”.

Some actual news

Hi all,

I know things have been a little bit quiet for the past few months, however I have been working on a couple of things.

Starting in October Angry Beanie is going to be introducing a couple of new shows to the lineup.

First up Purser Explores The World is going to return to Angry Beanie Radio. Starting on the 15th October, I will be broadcasting the show fortnightly, starting at 9:30pm Sydney time. As before each episode will cover a specific topic.

First Post!

Well not really, but it's the first post on the new Angry Beanie site.

So, there are some interesting things I have in the pipeline for Angry Beanie, Purser Explores The World is going to return (again, I know) with episodes focusing on Urban Agriculture, The Art of Communication Science and Steampunk - What even is it?.

Angry Beanie Rants will also return, but with a slightly different format. It will still be youtube based, but I think me sitting in front of a green screen and talking really isn't working properly.


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