There's going to be an app for that

One of the biggest issues that anyone who makes stuff for the intarwebs has is that of discovery. It's a very different world to that of terrestrial radio or tv where there are a limited number of channels. Instead you're competing against tens of thousands of others to gain and hold the attention of your listeners/readers/viewers.

One of the ways you can make sure that your listeners are aware of new content is to add your stuff to directory services such as iTunes or Stitcher, and I've done that with Purser Explores The World and For Science! and will do so for any new shows that get launched. However I also want to put Angry Beanie on the home screen of every listeners mobile device.

So with that in mind, I've started working on an Angry Beanie App. At the moment it's a very basic thing, written for android only*, but it allows the user to keep track of new episodes, download them and  (when I've completed the media player part of the app) play them. I've included a few screen shots of what I've got below:


As you can see, it's no where near completion, but it shouldn't take too much longer (maybe a week or two) before version 1.0 is ready to be released.

*It's Android only at the moment due to the fact that I don't have anything to build iOS apps with. If anyone wants to lend me a mac-mini for a few weeks, would be greatly appreciated ;)