The search begins

In the last post I had to bring the sad news that Maia is going to be leaving For Science! to go on to more awesomer things. We will of course miss her and she will be welcome back anytime she likes.

However, this means that For Science! is now down a host. I like the format that we have and I would like to continue the two science people and me formula.

So with that in mind, we're now looking for a new host to join us on our fortnightly look at science and the news of science. In terms of time commitments, basically it's about an hour a fortnight (usually kicking off about 9:30pm/10pm Eastern Time) and any time you want to spend adding news stories to the running sheet.

So if you have a science background, and would like an excuse to talk even more about science, then drop us a line at forscience AT angrybeanie DOT com or ping @angrybeanie on twitter.