Radio Angry Beanie, a rambling introduction

So as you may have noticed, last friday, the podcast of the latest episode of WTF Australia was rebroadcast via an audio streaming service over at

Right now this is a bit of an experiment, not only in getting the technology right (and I am quite proud that with the exception of the codec, everything is built on Free and Open Source Software, and even then I have the capacity to run ogg streams), but also in whether it's something people would be interested in getting involved in.

I have to say that the first broadcast seemed to go okay. The streaming tech worked, but honestly it wasn't exactly challenged by the two listeners it had :) so we'll see how it goes if and when we get more listeners.

The streaming setup that I'm using allows for a mix of pre-recorded and live content. Which offers interesting opportunities for developing a bit of a distributed production network. People can produce their shows on their own setups and then stream to the RAB controller which then pushes it out to the RAB hosted streaming service. Or they can produce their content before hand and upload it into the system so that it's ready for their next timeslot.

So, with the technical bit sorted (and the fact that I can set it all up in under an hour is still freaking me out a bit), the question is now "how do we fill all the hours?"

That will come in another post. In the meantime if you've got any thoughts I would love to hear them.