A quick update

So, you may have noticed a certain lack of activity over the past few weeks here at Angry Beanie.

Well as it happens I started a new full time job about a month ago and as these things tend to do, it sucked away a lot of the time I had to put together the shows and keep the site up to date.

Now that I've settled into the new routine, I think I'm getting a handle on the best way to approach managing the time needed to keep all things Angry Beanie going. As you can see, in the last week we've got an episode of For Science! out the door (if you haven't listened to it already, then please do) and I'm in the process of adding extra functionality to the website to make it easier for you dear reader to access the content.

For Science! should be returning to its fortnightly timetable with the next episode being our special on How To Science! and the episode after that being another special on Schlock Science!

Purser Explores The World is currently waiting on several show ideas to come to fruition. I'm still determined to get the full 26 episodes out this year. Honest!

That's it for the moment. I'm going to get back into the habit of posting more Angry Beanie posts and definitely more Science Stories of the Day.