Patreonise us

So in my last post I spoke about having a look at some of the things I wanted to achieve with Angry Beanie, including upgrading some of the hardware used as well as investigating the production of new content and shows.

In that post I spoke about a possible Pozible campaign, but really, pozible and kickstarter really only work if you've got a large enough following to start with, and I'm not fooling myself with AB, we do have our supporters, but we're not huge by any stretch of the imagination, certainly not Pozible huge.

Soon after that however I heard about something called Patreon. This is "Yet Another Fund Raising Tool" but it seems to have a better fit to podcasting than the other tools I've looked at previously. It allows you to setup ongoing fund raising campaigns based not on specific targets ($1600 for a flight to whatever, etc) but rather on an output basis. For instance if I wanted I could setup a campaign for AB based on episodes released. This would allow contributers to set a certain amount of money that would be spent every time an episode of any of the AB shows was released. It also allows for simple monthly subscription type campaigns.

So I figured, what can it hurt?

The Angry Beanie Patreon campaign is pretty simple. It's a monthly campaign setup which allows the contributer to setup exactly how much per month they wish to contribute. I've setup four basic rewards:

  • $1 a month - Every little bit counts
  • $5 a month - Name on the supporters wall
  • $10 a month - Name on the supporters wall plus a shoutout at the end of an episode of podcast of choice
  • $25 a month - All the above plus highlighting as a "Friend Of" on the page of the podcast of your choice

They could probably do with some work, but that's the good thing about Patreon, I can make changes as I work out more about this whole fundraising thing.

So here it is, the Angry Beanie Patreon campaign