New segment for For Science! - Where's the science at

 If you know where to look, there's a lot going on in Australia science and science outreach wise. There are podcasts like For Science! vidcasts like Pint in the Sky put together by astrophysicist Katie Mack and astronomer Alan Duffy and the ever popular "Week in science" put together by the Royal Institute of Australia.

Leaving the media stuff aside there are events like Laborastory which could best be described as an informal TED in a pub, or other events put on by Universities, community groups, and other interested groups around the country that aim to bring science and the public together.

Where's the science at is going to be our contribution to helping to get the word out. At the end of each show we will be listing some of the upcoming sciencey events, with contact details and so on.

So if you've got an event that you would like to promote then shoot us an email to forscience AT angrybeanie DOT com with the details and we'll add it into the show.