Been a bit quiet lately

Been a little quiet lately on the Angry Beanie front so I thought I would do a bit of an update.

As you know, the first episode of Purser Explores The World is now out. It's a good chin wag with journalist Stilgherrian, Network Engineer Mark Newton and Systems Admin Liz Quilty on the nature of Tomorrows Geek. It runs a little longer than the usual PETW episode, but I think it works.

For Science! is going to return in the near future. There have been a few timing issues to work out and Magdeline is taking some time off due to personal circumstances.

I may have to postpone the first episode of Angry Beanie reviews. Timing has been a bit of an issue in my own life as I do the jobĀ  hunt thing. It becomes a little harder to justify the time and effort to produce a show when you're trying to find a paycheck :)

Anyway, right now I'm sitting in a talk at the most excellent geek out conference, The talk is on the subject of something called ArduSat and is being given by Jonathon Oxer. Expect more PETW episode ideas from this conf.