Angry Beanie - 2013

Wow, here we are, the first day in 2013 and Angry Beanie is still here, and I think I can say, going stronger than ever.

Purser Explores The World

The first half of the year was admittedly slow going. I was only averaging maybe an episode of Purser Explores The World a month, sometimes less than that. However things started to pickup in the last half, and I was able to keep as close to the original fortnightly schedule as possible (with a couple of exceptions).

The topics I covered were pretty diverse ranging from Science Communications, to building gardens on disused cannal barges. From 3D Printing to the world of  Small Media and everything in between. I'd like to thank everyone who agreed to be interviewed for the show, without you, PETW just would never have happened.

For Science!

For something that grew out of a spur of the moment inspiration after the Science Communications episode of PETW, For Science! has gone really well. I can only attribute this to the two awesome co-hosts - Maia Sauren and Magdeline Lum, who on a fortnightly basis bring the science and make the late night recording sessions a highlight of my fortnight :)

We're still exploring the format for For Science! we've got a semi-regular "How Things Work" segment already, but we're also looking at adding special "debunking" episodes, which will look at one particular piece of pervasive pseudo science and see if it has any basis in facts, and if it doesn't why not.

We're also open to suggestions from our listeners, so if you have any ideas, please let us know.

Da Future!

No, not a new show, but I have plans for the future of Angry Beanie. 2013 is not only going to see more PETW and For Science! but also the introduction of new shows in the following areas:

  • Online entertainment discovery: One of the problems with having such a plethora of wonderful online entertainment options is sifting the grain from the chaff as it were. This show will be a weekly review of various online entertainment options
  • Sportsball: I think there's a place for a sports show that doesn't concentrate on the major codes in Australia. Something that gives exposure to the smaller sports, and does it on a regular basis rather than on special occasions.
  • Politics vs Policy: Most the political commentary in Australia rests around the personalities rather than the policies that are actually going to affect our every day lives. Maybe theres room for a show that looks at what the pollies are actually doing rather than how badly they behave in Question Time.

That's not the only ideas I have, but they're probably the most concrete I have at the moment.

The other area that I want to look at is making Angry Beanie a bit more of a professional operation.  This means a few things:

  • 1 Day A Week: I would love to be able to commit at least one day a week (outside of the evenings and weekend efforts) to Angry Beanie. This would allow me to put in the effort needed to bring about the expansion noted above without making my family suffer for it :)
  • Sticking to a schedule: I've been guilty of not being strict about sticking to a release schedule (as can be seen from the fact that in 18 months I've released 12 episodes of PETW - a supposedly fortnightly show). This year I'm going to do my damndest to stick to the schedule I set out for myself.
  • Promotion: see this is probably the area I have the biggest problem with. I'm not by nature a person who does self promotion well, but if I want Angry Beanie's listenership to grow, then I'm going to have to get over it.

Some of this is going to need a bit of fundage to accomplish (especially being able to commit a whole day to AB). I'm still working out the best way to do this so I'll post more about that later.

Giving Thanks

Lastly but by no means least it it's time for me to give thanks to everyone who has helped me get Angry Beanie to where it is today.

Firstly I cannot thank my wonderful wife enough for her patience and ability not to choke me to death when I forget to tell her that I have an interview until ten minutes before hand and thus will need the lounge room (the current location for my recording studio). She has also been my sounding board and support for my whacky ideas and for when things haven't quite worked the way I wanted to. If it was for her, then I can safely say Angry Beanie wouldn't be here at all.

Secondly I am going to thank my most excellent co-hosts on For Science!

Maia and Mags bring both the science and the ability to explain it in a way I never could. They were willing to step into something pretty much on the spur of the moment and have run with it ever since, despite the long hours (Mags is in Perth so our recording sessions are late on the east coast) and my almost constant technical glitches from mucking around with my recording setup. Thanks to both of you, without you For Science! would just be another catch phrase.

And finally, we come to you dear reader and listener. Over the past 18 months you've listened to Angry Beanie podcasts in slowly growing numbers, that in itself has encouraged me to keep going, knowing that somewhere out there, someone at least is enjoying what we create enough to burn the valuable bandwidth to dowload it. Thanks.

Well that's it for the first post of 2013. There shall be more as we explore the future for Angry Beanie.