11 Years a Podcasting


I just found the first episode of my very first podcast - The Linux Australia Update. The release data is the 23rd of July 2005. That means I've been doing this for 11 whole years on and off.


I hosted that first episode of the LA Update on my own server at home over an ADSL link, if I recall correctly we basically lost internet access for three days as people downloaded the files and flooded our upstream (I can't remember if the upstream was 128 or 256k).

I remember recording my first interviews for the podcast using our answering machine, then grabbing the tape and running it through a dictaphone with an audio out to the computer, recording it in real time using Audacity.

Then I was lucky enough to receive a grant from Linux Australia to modernise a little. Bought a Behringer UBB02 mixer, a couple of mics and headsets and we were off. 

Even managed to convince my beautiful wife to do her own podcast - The LUG Roundup.


Fast forward 11 years and here I am today. I've done 5 different podcast series, I'm working on another one (in fact I'm going to be doing another interview for Women In STEMM tonight). None of them have set the world on fire or got hundreds of thousands of downloads, but they've allowed me to talk to awesome people, learn new things, and in the case of WTF Australia, poke fun at a world getting increasingly madder by the day.

Now I'm looking at getting a bit more adventurous in what I do. Less interview style stuff, more in depth story telling, we'll have to see what future holds.

Anyway, if you want to listen to my very first ever podcast, here it is.