Couple of new things - Paypal and Email

Yeah I know, by themselves they're not exactly new. However they're now part of the Angry Beanie experience.

Let's get the easy one out of the way first.


Remember last week how we asked for feedback on how the shows are put together or anything Angry Beanie related? Well, one of the things that was brought up was being able to get email notifications of new content, whelp far be it for us to stop people getting access to our stuff, we obliged :)

Using Mailchimp, we've created three lists that you can subscribe to.

  • General: All of the contents! Blog posts, articles, episodes and so on. You can subscribe to this via front page
  • For Science!: This is a straight episode listing. Everytime a new episode is released you will be notified via email. Subscribe from the For Science! show page.
  • Purser Explores The World: Same as For Science! but for PETW.


Angry Beanie has been running for almost two years now and I've blogged previously about the plans I have to take it up a notch, Well this is part of the process.

Two things have convinced me to start down the road of raising funds for Angry Beanie.

Firstly I want to upgrade the Angry Beanie production kit. Not only is it aging and starting to fail, but my “studio” is in fact the lounge room of my house, where my desktop machine and recording setup resides. This means that in order to record or conduct interviews I have to kick my family out and they either have to go for a drive or hole up in one of the bedrooms. I'm also severely restricted in terms of being able to record interviews on the road. Lugging my desktop around is what’s known as sub-optimal.

With that in mind I've created a wishlist of what the new AB Studio (and a goal for fundraising) should look like:

  • Production specific laptop (MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2.9Ghz): $1689.00
  • 2 x Condenser Microphones (Behringer C-3 Condenser Mic): $180.00
  • Small 4 port USB Mixer (Behringer QX1202USB): $165.00

        Total: $2034.00

Secondly, the biggest resource used in putting together Angry Beanie is time. Time taken to plan new episodes,  record interviews, edit audio together, maintain the infrastructure and plan new episodes. I would love to commit more time to Angry Beanie, but I need to offset that against time earning money to feed the family.

So there you have it. I've set up three subscription levels:

  • Bronze: $2.50 a month
  • Silver: $5.00 a month
  • Gold: $10.00 a month

This is a first step on the road to making Angry Beanie more than just a hobby. I'm also looking at the viability of crowd funding specific projects and of course, you can always support AB by purchasing a T-Shirt or a Mug.